So i’ve been back a little over a month and finally managed to sort through the 3000 photos i took in order for you to see a snippet of my trip! (i know i took a lot) I absolutely loved it and would go back in a heart beat!

Get a cup of tea and have a nosy. I have pictures form Empire State, Rockafella & Sex & the city to the raw bustling streets of New York! Enjoy and let me know if you have been or would like to go! ๐Ÿ™‚ Kate x



New York bound…..


I’m half way through an 8 hour flight to New York, seriously bored & watched too many films so what better time to draft a blog post.

It’s so hot on this plane, normally it’s freezing when flying but not this time. Sadly as soon as we get off the plane I don’t think this heat will last but instead I’ll be hit with an overwhelming feeling that will take over that thought !! New York baby, yes im actually here! (Well, not quite yet)

This isn’t a particular post about anything. To be honest it’s just a little writing sesh to myself which I hope will give you some joy.


Travel: York

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll probably know me & Wes have recently been to York!

I will pre warn you now on the number of photos!


So we had a week free to explore and with going to New york in October we didn’t want to spend much. We ended up booking York as i found a great deal on, 2 nights including a 3 course meal on the first evening and breakfast on both days, Bargain! It was only a 3* hotel but we didn’t mind too much about where we stayed we just wanted to spend our week away from Manchester and enjoy somewhere different!