Grape seed oil review!



Derived from the seeds of grapes, grape seed oil has now become part of my evening routine. On my travel home from York a few months back we stopped off in Whitby in which there is a lovely natural skincare shop. We didn’t have much time but I picked up a bottle of this stuff purely because I liked the sound of it.



Review: Honeybee Gardens pressed mineral powder!


Back when i was 18 i was a liquid foundation girl now hurling towards my 30’s and rather fast might i add I’m a converted powder girl.

I recently ran out of my rather conventional Maybelline fit me pressed powder, what a horrid product, it broke me out it dried up my face and i won’t even mention the rest. Trying to be good with the whole spending i was determined to use it up before i bought anything else.


Badger balm Review!


I’m always skeptical when it comes to sleeping remedies, i refuse to take pills and have been a night owl for as long as i can remember. My reasons for not taking tablets is simply because i do not want them in my body as i feel they don’t belong there. This is a personal choice. I have no judgement on anyone taking prescribed tablets.


12 months of green beauty nostalgia!


So over the last year since becoming ‘green’ I’ve discovered many products which i love and not to forget, didn’t love!

Going green was so daunting to me that it took me about 2 months to even buy a cleanser (what the hell!) because i became a research freak about every single ingredient. I would find a product and if i wasn’t sure about what was in it i would then spend day & night trying to find out as much as i possibly could! Did anyone else do this? Don’t get me wrong i learnt a lot in that time, but my god my head hurt and by the time i actually bought the cleanser my face had just injured another 2 months of chemical slapping!

The first thing you should change in your going green beauty regime is?