Food | The best damn salad!


I’m so excited to share this recipe with you even though it is just vegetables and ‘stuff’ its going to make you smile….and be healthier.

Recently I’ve struggled to get my vegetables in, who wants to munch on lettuce, kale, cauliflower raw from the fridge… not many people!

So i have come up with a useful way to fit the veg in around you daily meals and let me tell you it tastes amazing! I don’t know why i didn’t think of this earlier.

First of all there is no rigid way to do this you can add what you like, how you like but i’ll show you how i make it and you can take it from there!

Please note you will need a frying pan.








Onion (1 small)

Garlic (2 cloves)

Balsamic vinegar


Puffed rice (optional)

Step 1

. First of all chop all your vegetables into small pieces, the smaller the better (i did mine in the food processor but it isn’t essential)

Step 2

Then add a few drops of water to the frying pan and sauté the onions and garlic until slightly brown.

Step 3

Put the rest of the cut up veg and puffed rice (optional) into a bowl and mix well.

(If you add the puffed rice this really fills the salad out nicely, but on this particular occasion i didn’t use it)

Step 4

Squeeze in a bit of lemon juice and add the sautéed onion and garlic, mix again.

Step 5

Finally add the balsamic vinegar over the salad and stir in nicely. Go easy at first as you can’t take it out once you have put too much in!

Please note, if you do wish to use oil you can i just prefer not to as it tastes pretty good without!

Ta da!

How easy was that. If you like you can add some flax seed, nuts, rosemary and black pepper like i say you can really make this your own! Just add which ever vegetables you have lying around and get them used up in a tasty way.

I have this for lunch and tea as a side dish or if you fancy it as a main meal add some chopped sweet potatoes and have a sweet potato salad!

Let me know if you make it.


Kate X


Vegan Food Blog!

So i wanted to do a picture blog of my food over the last 10 months to inspire some of you to go vegan! I Haven’t consciously taken pictures of every meal otherwise this page would go on forever but the ones i have taken i wanted to share with you! Each day i learn something new on this lifestyle and it makes me the happiest I’ve ever been! If you have any questions please feel free to message me and follow me on Instagram where i upload regularly @thelifecake  🙂



Vegan or Ve-gone?


I’ve been a bit poorly recently and while I’ve been moping about the house i have re-evaluated most things but one thing i am particularly interested in at the moment is veganism. SHOCK! This word to most is an automatic conversation stopper. I don’t know a single vegan in person, actually that is a lie, i know one and we only just met recently but other than that, nill, nothing, none! The health benefits from this diet can be life changing. To give you a bit of history, i used to be a cheese addict, everyday without fail i would have a cheese salad sandwich with Walkers cheese and onion crisps from the local butty van down the road on my lunch break from work. It got that bad that they had my order ready before i even arrived, cringe! I started to get poorly, got extremely bad skin and to put bluntly i felt crap. I went to the doctors had lots of tests and overtime it turned out i was intolerant to dairy. I kind of figured that myself already but for the pure fact i loved cheese, i needed this to be confirmed before i was going to give it up!


Weekend | Out & About


Weekends always go so fast! This weekend wasn’t escaping that either. Me a Wes had a chilled one, nothing too exciting happened only we spent the most part of it in the apple store in the Trafford Centre because my iPhone wasn’t working. I went to get it repaired and they gave me a new one only for that to be duff too! So we had to go back today (Sunday) which i wasn’t too pleased about as it was gorgeous weather compared to yesterday and we wanted to make the most of it. I’m on my third iphone in 24hrs, now that is a record. Lets hope this one works!


My Birthday Weekend!


So it was my birthday this weekend, i had a lovely time eating, drinking and more eating! I’m pleased to say that i also got some things of my wish list too! I was supposed to take more photos of my weekend but i completely forgot, i was obviously enjoying the cake too much!

We (me and the bf) went out for a lovely meal to Gusto, an Italian restaurant. I’m sorry i have no pictures of the food again i literally inhaled it before i remembered i was supposed to take a picture, oooops. However i can confirm it was scrumptious, we had hummus and flatbread for starters, for main i had good old veggie pizza and for dessert, the best of all, a Nutella calzone! Oh my, words can not describe the taste!


Chocolate covered fruit kebabs


Well now it’s ‘supposed’ to be spring and heating up slowly, VERY slowly i might add. I thought i’d share a little snack i made this weekend just gone for those summer months which i hope are yet to come!

It’s super simple. You don’t need to be a master chef to do this one. It’s also incredibly versatile. Vegan you say? No problem just use a dairy free alternative such as the Moo Free range chocolate. Take these to work, school, anywhere you like for a healthy treat!