Going Vegan #2: Learning so much!


I can’t believe how much i am learning on this lifestyle. I feel overwhelmed with information like i could burst! I certainly am not saying this in a bad way, quite the opposite. I’m excited to share with you my journey and what i continue to learn.

I don’t think i mentioned this before but i am following the ‘Raw till 4’ lifestyle created by Freelee the Banana Girl over on YouTube. This includes eating plenty of fresh fruit and veg throughout the day up until 2 hours before your evening meal in which you can then eat foods such as potato’s, rice, pasta for a wholesome plant based dinner. The key here is plenty of carbs! There are certain unsupported ingredients like, onions, garlic and fermented foods like soy amongst others. This mainly restricted within the first 30 days. I followed the lifestyle to a T initially but found it was rather stressful cutting out foods that are even classed as vegan. So rather than hinder the stress i just rolled with it and if an onion was all i had it to flavour my food then so be it!



Vegan or Ve-gone?


I’ve been a bit poorly recently and while I’ve been moping about the house i have re-evaluated most things but one thing i am particularly interested in at the moment is veganism. SHOCK! This word to most is an automatic conversation stopper. I don’t know a single vegan in person, actually that is a lie, i know one and we only just met recently but other than that, nill, nothing, none! The health benefits from this diet can be life changing. To give you a bit of history, i used to be a cheese addict, everyday without fail i would have a cheese salad sandwich with Walkers cheese and onion crisps from the local butty van down the road on my lunch break from work. It got that bad that they had my order ready before i even arrived, cringe! I started to get poorly, got extremely bad skin and to put bluntly i felt crap. I went to the doctors had lots of tests and overtime it turned out i was intolerant to dairy. I kind of figured that myself already but for the pure fact i loved cheese, i needed this to be confirmed before i was going to give it up!