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May Favourites!


Im sat here on a rainy Sunday afternoon reflecting on my May favourites with a nice cup of Pukka tea, peppermint & liquorice to be preicise (not really liking it if i’m honest) i much prefer the other flavours.

I have quite a lot of loves recently both beauty and non beauty related. I’ve narrowed it down and picked 11 to share with you guys. (still quite a lot really isn’t it?)



Star Review! Dahliana Naturals Overnight fruit lift


Where do i start with this product? Well let me just say it is the best product i have EVER EVER used. I know that’s a big statement to make but it seriously is. I have suffered with my skin over the years. As a teenager I had lovely skin, always clear plump and fresh looking but soon as I hit 20 it changed and it became sensitive and acne prone. Since then I’ve learnt to control my skin through my diet and skincare regime which has kept it as balanced as it can be but since using this cream my skin has transformed. I never use products expecting any miracles as I know it’s what you put in your body that counts most but I’ve got to hand it to Dahlianaย Naturals for making this amazing stuff!