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I’m Kate, a 26 years young, lifestyle & green/natural beauty blogger with a big passion for all things beautiful!

The life cake is your one stop haven for turning green (not literally, that would be weird) but figuratively speaking.

Here you will find review’s on clean, non toxic skincare & make-up along with a slice of my daily life with the likes of the odd recipe & when my pocket can fund it, travels!

My aim is to provide you with my own honest thoughts and opinions of such said things in order to help you start a greener life.

So with that in mind, let me explain;

Over the past year I’ve been leading a healthier lifestyle and finding out more about what’s in the everyday products we use whether that be your washing up liquid, blusher or your soap, and boy let me tell you it was overwhelming!

I am by no means going cold turkey on my conventional lifestyle, that would more than likely end up in a disaster of some sort, but by making more educated decisions about what I buy and in turn leading to a healthier existence.

You know how the saying goes “you are what you eat” well about 18 months ago I was a full grown unhealthy walking human cake (a carrot one to be precise) topped with nasty chemicals from my ‘favourite’ skincare & make-up brands. Thankfully, that’s now changed….. and I hope I can help you too!

Welcome to The Life Cake & thank you for reading.

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With love,

Kate X

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