Teapigs sampler review!


I know there are tons of tea lovers out there and you most probably will of heard of the brand ‘Teapigs’ but you may not know that they do a sampler pack which enables you to pick 12 out of 28 different teas to tickle your fancy!

I have known about this for while but i have only just recently ordered the pick n’ mix samples to try and thought it would be great to share with you what i got!

The packaging itself is the same as the ones in store but the fact they are just extra small just makes them so cute! The beauty of this box is you can pick many flavours of which are not easily available from your supermarket as they tend to only stock limited ones.

I picked:

Everyday brew

Darjeeling early grey

Chai tea


Mao feng green tea

Chilli chai

Silver tips white tea

Rooibis creme caramel

Earl grey strong

Spiced winter red tea

Rhubarb & ginger

Apple & cinnamon


You receive 2 bags in each so in total that is 24 teabags. I wouldn’t say they are cheap, if anything i would say it is quite expensive. I paid £13.50 plus £3.50 P&P. I got 10% discount for  signing up to them via email which is definitely worth doing. As a one off i think this is a really cute idea as a gift for someone who loves tea or if you just fancy trying out some different flavours yourself without buying the full size! You can have a browse here.

Have you tried Teapigs?

With love,

Kate x



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