Vegan update #3


It has been a while since i did an update on my diet and going Vegan so i wanted to inform you all on how its going.

I’d like to admit that i am not raw till 4 like i was in the beginning, for my lifestyle it is just not possible right now and although the fruit was healthy, it wasn’t always tasty! I wasn’t able to get to the shops all the time and wait for my fruit to ripen etc so i decided to just stop stressing and go more with the flow. I now eat as much fruit as i can when i can and if i can’t then i don’t worry about it, i think its easy to focus too much on something to the point where it becomes more of hindrance than a good thing.

I suppose your next question is am i following starch solution and the answer to that is no. I’m not anything. I don’t wish to be labelled even if i am following a particular lifestyle on point. I think once we label ourselves we feel guilty when we don’t follow the rules. I myself have been guilty of that in the past.

So as for what i am eating, i try to maintain high carb low fat diet (i hate that word) but if i happen to eat higher fat one day then so what. Since i took the ‘label’ of things i feel much better and less guilty when i want a treat. My favourite food is sweet potato, they’re just amazing no need for anything other than a knife and fork. Im trying to make a recipe book of all my favourite meals that I’ve learnt to make so far, great for the nights where you just don’t know what toย have.

One of the most frustrating things for me has been that i do not have a freezer in my kitchen. It is in the garage which means if i want to make banana ice cream or a cold smoothie i have to unlock about 3 doors and then unlock the garage and it is no fun. Especially when it has been really cold here in the UK. So i tend to make oatmeal a lot and have yoghurt and granola. I cannot wait to move house and get a freezer inside!!

Over all this lifestyle is really working for me. Better digestion and health all round. One thing i have recently started taking is vitamin D3 so we shall see if that makes any difference to my overall wellbeing.

How is vegan life for you?

I’d love to connect with more of you on Instagram where i upload regularly so please add me or DM me i’d love to chat! Especially if you’re from the UK.

With love,

Kate x




  1. Great post, like you I hate labelling or pigeon-holing myself into one category. I’d much rather make healthy choices that suit me, instead of beating myself up for a perceived failure. I@ve really been enjoying the Vegan Life magazine though x

    1. Thanks Annie! I know me too it’s such a farse much rather just be ‘vegan’ it’s easier haha! Vegan life magazine is great isn’t it, I subscribed as it’s such a pain to get hold of in my area xx ๐Ÿ™‚

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