Motivational Monday | How to achieve your goals!

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There comes a point in everyone’s life where they want to change something. Whether that be financially, physically or career wise, the list goes on. I wanted to write this post to inspire you to achieve your goals!

Many people have a goal, but no plan. Focusing on the goal can sometimes inhibit reaching it. I am not saying that having the goal is wrong to start with but more the size of the goal can be the problem. Let me explain…

As human beings we are pleasure seekers, we like to do the least amount of effort for maximum reward. There is nothing wrong with this, its human nature! Now if you see this as a positive rather than a negative it can work in your favour. Take weight loss, if,  lets make up a name ‘Tina’ has a goal to loose 5 stone in 2 years but has no mini goals in between, she isn’t going to feel rewarded for a very long time as she isn’t going to loose that weight over night. Now if ‘Tina’ was to set aside daily, weekly, or monthly goals which would be easier to obtain she would therefore feel good and rewarded for her efforts smaller efforts. This leads me to thoughts….

As the famous saying by Buddha goes ‘What we think, we become‘ this couldn’t more true. Once we start to recognise our smaller goals are being achieved we feel positive which only breeds more positivity which in itself leads to further determination and success.

Here are my 6 top tips to reach your goals:

Write them down

Being able to see your goals makes them much more real, gives you something to look back at as you achieve them and is a content daily reminder of what you’ve set out to do in life

Break down your goals

After you write down your main goals, write mini ones, whether that’s daily weekly or monthly. Habbit’s form a life time so the more you do something the more it becomes routine.


Ask your self why you want to achieve your goal, is it for you? Don’t set a goal for someone else or set a goal based on comparison to someone else, do it for you

Be honest/ realistic

If your goals are not realistic, then you may suffer from cognitive dissonance which is where that part of your brain will shut down when it feels something isn’t achievable


Find people with similar goals whether that be an online Facebook group or a local community centre. The more you are surrounded by your vision the more likely you are to achieve it


This is something we do everyday without even realising, for example thinking about the tea your going to make later. Visualise your goal, make the happen!


I hope this helps! I know this works because i have tried it out. Let me know what goals you want to achieve, not just this year but for life!

Have a good day folks!

Kate X



  1. Oh goodness! Such a lovely post! I truly enjoyed reading this 🙂 Also, I completely agree – writing down the goals is a must!

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