TOTM: Time of the month review!


So i was recently contacted by TOTM (Time of the month). They are a subscription service but not for your favourite magazine, beauty box or fashion accessories no this is way cooler………sanitary products! You might be thinking, what the heck, but hold on a minute, let me tell you some more.

TOTM are an eco friendly brand where their products are made with your health in mind. Using a more breathable fibre such as 100% certified organic cotton you are already choosing a healthier option for your body. It doesn’t stop their either what if i told you that their products were also:

Perfume free

Rayon free

Viscose free

No Chlorine or Dioxin (to bleach the products)

hypoallergenic (to reduce the risks of vaginal irritations and allergy and are compatible with your bodies natural PH)

95% biodegradable and dissolve naturally in landfills

No use cellulose pulp (which is obtained from felling trees in rain forests)

All products have been certified by the ICEA (Environmental & Ethical Certification Institute) and GOTS (Global Organic Standard) Associations


And on top of all this the packaging is so sleek and discreet that you really don’t mind carrying them around in your bag with your zip wide open. Nothing to be embarrassed about here!


Now on to my thoughts. I really didn’t notice anything too different about using these products which in my eyes is a good thing as sometimes when swapping over to more environmentally friendly products no matter what they are you can sometimes notice straight away. I used both the tampons and the sanitary towels in which both worked equally as good and i would highly recommend if you are looking for a eco friendly sanitary brand!

If you fancy signing up to their subscription service head directly to their website here or alternatively check out feel unique.

Have you tried TOTM?

With love,


Kate x

*PR Sample



  1. Very interesting. I personally use the washable cloth pads & a menstrual cup. That way the only time I’m throwing anything out is when the cloth pads are completely worn out. That hasn’t happened yet & I’ve had my cloth pads for several years! I wash them out really carefully of course. 🙂

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