Monday munchies: Date fudge


Well if Monday has put a dampener on your day you should try out these delicious date fudge balls for a good pick me up! They’re super easy to make and with only 3 main ingredients you can’t go wrong.



10-15 dates

1 Tablespoon of peanut butter

Cacao or Carob powder

Coconut (optional)

Salt (optional)

Step 1: Soak your dates in water for 15 minutes. If you rather skip this step then feel free, it is only to make the mashing process easier


Step 2: Mash the dates on a plate as you would mash your potato

Step 3: Once the dates are nicely mashed add in your peanut butter and repeat the processIMG_1243


Step 4: Add the cocoa or carob (i chose carob but the choice is yours it will work the same) again keep mashing so it all mixes well together

Step 5: Add a pinch of salt (i only do this on occasion i find it taste just as nice without)

Step 6: Your plate of mess should now resemble a fudge like consistency which you can roll between your fingers and create your fudge balls

Step 7: If you wish to jazz it up a but add some desiccated coconut pieces like i did or whatever you fancy!

Step 8: ENJOY!



Tell me these taste amazing! I got the recipe from the ‘Oh she glows‘ cook book the only difference being that the ones in the cookbook are covered in chocolate (dairy free) which i will also do at some point too!

Please let me know if you try them ๐Ÿ™‚

With love,

Kate X





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