Style #2: Simple accessories BIG difference




I’m really loving the whole accessories thing at the moment with chokers, midi rings, necklaces etc so i recently purchased just a couple of things to add to my collection. We all no accessories can  make an outfit look extra special.

Blanket scarf: Urban Outfitters £24 –  Gorgeous dog tooth style scarf bigm cosy and great for winter!

Black velvet choker: Urban Outfitters £8 – I love chokers at the moment, can’t get enough of them. I don’t feel like my neck is being strangled with this on either, very comfortable!

Crystal necklace: Urban Outfitters £14 – I adore this necklace, lovely length, casual and mysterious looking gives a great bohemian style vibe!

Can you tell i have been loving Urban Outfitters at the moment 🙂

What accessories are your faves?

With Love,

Kate X



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