New York bound…..


I’m half way through an 8 hour flight to New York, seriously bored & watched too many films so what better time to draft a blog post.

It’s so hot on this plane, normally it’s freezing when flying but not this time. Sadly as soon as we get off the plane I don’t think this heat will last but instead I’ll be hit with an overwhelming feeling that will take over that thought !! New York baby, yes im actually here! (Well, not quite yet)

This isn’t a particular post about anything. To be honest it’s just a little writing sesh to myself which I hope will give you some joy.

We flew to Belgium first, our initial flight was slightly delayed due to some late comers boarding the plane. Fortunately we didn’t miss our connection flight and with minutes to spare we splodged into out seats. Well actually I tell a lie. Wes and I were not seated together initially however this lovely young chap kindly gave up his seat so I could sit next to my love. Panic over. I wasn’t going to spend the rest of the flight spreading my anxiety to a total stranger (yes I’m not the best flyer).

So yes so far so good, i don’t know how people do these long haul flights on a regular basis. The not being able to move around freely, stuck on a flying object in the air and trapped till you get to the other side freaks me the hell out (yes I’m dramatic) but don’t let this fool you I will still plane hop to see the world and just place my frantic thoughts aside.

Talking of travel, I just booked a trip to Canada with one of my best friends next year (see I told you I won’t let it stop me). We travel to Toronto and from there plan to go on to Montreal, Ontario and Vancouver (to see the Rockies!) too excited for that! Have any of you guys been to Canada? If so please tell me more!

I think ill wrap it up now. Let me know if you enjoyed this random post it’s not something I usually do but never the less I enjoyed it and it took my mind off this UFO I’m in ๐Ÿ˜‰

Oh before you go! If any of you guys know any great places I should visit in New York weather that me Beauty related, historic (yes I do have some geek in me) or just a good place to eat please comment below!

Lots of love

Kate x



  1. Have a great time! If you visit Sephora on Times Square they have a few natural brands. Also you can make your own lippie at BITE Beauty Bar (can’t remember where exactly it is, sorry!) which seems cool ๐Ÿ˜€

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