Grape seed oil review!



Derived from the seeds of grapes, grape seed oil has now become part of my evening routine. On my travel home from York a few months back we stopped off in Whitby in which there is a lovely natural skincare shop. We didn’t have much time but I picked up a bottle of this stuff purely because I liked the sound of it.

After using it daily i have noticed a tremendous difference in the dryness of my skin. I apply it after cleansing in the evening and just allow it to sink in. Unlike rosehip oil I feel like this oil thoroughly nourishes while I sometimes find rosehip can sink in and my face almost feels dry again within minutes of using it.

The texture of this oil is slightly thicker feeling than other oils in my personal opinion. This probably contributes to the nourished feeling I get when using it. When i wake up in the morning I feel like I’ve just applied the oil like 20 minutes ago! It’s that good. It does leave a glossy film on the skin but not in such a way where you feel you need to wash it right off.

You may have noticed my blog has been lacking beauty reviews recently. I have reasons for this. I have been on a spending ban and living off pretty much nothing so i can save for America which is now only round the corner and secondly i don’t want to write about something for the sake of it! I really want to write about something i love so I’m sorry for that and i hope you understand! This leads to my next added bonus which is that this oil is one of the cheaper ones! This is my second bottle. My first one cost just £1.99 so if you compare it to the Pai rose hip oil at £20 for 30ml you’re getting a lot for your money for the same amount or more!

This oil does not break me out in the slightest and is one of the better oils to use for sensitive skin. It doe gets a lot of hype for people with oily skin but I’m at the other end of the scale(s) literally and it has worked amazingly for my dry patches.

Other benefits:

Can help with acne

Tightens skin and reduces pore size

Scar reduction

Collagen boosting

Aids in prevention of skin ageing

Anti- inflammatory

What is your favourite oil?

With love,


Kate X



  1. Sounds great and that’s such a bargain! I love using squalane oil in the mornings from Indie Lee and the Bodhi & Birch Neroli Luce at night 🙂 I hope you have fun in America!!

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