Thinking of a vegan diet but don’t know where to start?


If your thinking about going vegan but think this lifestyle is too far fetched then please read on for some simple tips to help you get started!

1. Do a little research, you don’t need to go crazy but understand what is classed as vegan and what isn’t. Sounds simple but some people think vegans eat eggs as i recently discovered!

2. Don’t stress about the types of vegan food your buying to begin with, all you need to know for now is that fruit and veg are top dollar so more of these the better!

3. Try and shop locally and organic where possible, again if you can’t buy organic don’t stress just do the best you can

4. Check out pinterest & instagram for ideas on breakfast, lunch & tea.

5. Keep it simple, the less combination of foods in your meal the easier it is on your digestion leaving you less sluggish and more energised

6. Download the app HappyCow, here you will find local restaurants/takeaways in your area that are vegan/vegetarian

7. If you do your grocery shopping in the mainstream supermarkets like Tesco then check out their websites. Tesco has a search function, just type vegan into the search box and a whole bunch of food & drink will pop up

8. Don’t sweat the small stuff. You messed up, so what, who hasn’t. Keeping your eye on the goal is the focus here, not perfection

9. Find a community such as Facebook forums like Veganism on Facebook. The more people you have around you on this lifestyle the more likely you are to succeed.

10. Take a B12 supplement, many people are deficient in this vitamin weather veagn or not

11. Try new foods weekly. You will quickly learn what you do and don’t like

12. Finally, take food everywhere. Fruit if you can, the more more organised you are the less your going to be tempted to grab that bacon butty when your on the go and feel peckish

 I wanted to keep the tips simple for now. The focus is going vegan and not being perfect. In time you will learn what foods are best for nutrition and the body. I know at first i didn’t know where to start and that in itself is what delayed me coming to this lifestyle so i hope this helps you if you are considering a vegan/plant based diet 🙂

If you have any other tips please feel free to comment below! Or let me know if you found this helpful?

With love,


Kate X



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