My hair care routine for dry damaged hair!



So i’ve been trying to care for my hair more in recent months after the trauma it has endured over the years. I’m pleased to say I’ve made good progress! I did the usual teen thing and dye it a million colours which I’m sure I’m not the only one!?

So if you want to know what i’ve been doing carry on reading…

Before washing my hair i give it a good brush with my Body Shop wide angled tooth comb. A friend purchased this for me years ago and its the best thing since sliced bread! It combs through nicely and doesn’tย tug at all. If you have thick hair like me it’s a must at all times!

Once jumping in the shower i use the John Masters Organics evening primrose shampoo for dry hair and the citrus and neroli detangler. This duo is such a dream, it works perfectly with my hair and although it doesn’t contain any sls it lathers beautifully making my hair feel clean! I tend to shampoo twice then condition for 5 minutes, comb through slightly then rinse. This particular detangler can be used as a leave in conditioner but i always wash it out so i have a fresh base and therefore leaving longer between washes meaning less damage!

Once I’m out the shower i don’t towl dry my hair like most, i actually just squeeze off the excess water and leave it rather wet which leads to my next step…

OIL!! I have been using the biOrganics hair perfecting oil which i received in my Love Lula box months ago. It is only 12ml but I’ve still got loads of it left so a little goes a long way. I usually tilt the bottle onto 3 of my finger tips and lightly rub my hands together and slide through the end of my hair. I find that because my hair is still rather wet it absorbs better just like damp skin and a good moisturiser.

Finally i just……do nothing! I don’t use a hair dryer on my hair unless it is a special occasion, I’m very lucky that my hair is naturally pin straight. I say lucky, i’d rather have some wave to be honest but you always want what you haven’t got hey!

I’ve done this for quite a few months now after hair drying it to death with the hairdryer and using harsh hair products but since keeping to this routine my hair has become so smooth and silky. I must add that other than the oil i don’t use any styling products such as hairsprays, moose, heat spray etc and try to avoid tying it up as much as possible.


With love,


Kate X

P.s I apologie for the pretty much empty travel sized shampoo and conditioner photo! I had used up both my big ones and loved it so much i cracked open the minis!



  1. I love that detangler! I bought a large bottle in Amsterdam (shouldnt have as it cost me much more and I haven’t even opened it yet as I still have a sample bottle left….darn it!) but it’s so good! I might try not putting my hair up in a towel after washing it as I’m sure that makes it more tangly!

    1. It’s amazing product isn’t it! Yeah try leave it as much as poss! Even if just for a few months, I did and really benefit from it! ๐Ÿ™‚

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