DIY |Rose petal sugar body scrub


So it was recently mine and Wes’s anniversary to which he bought me some gorgeous white roses. As we all know they never last long so instead of wasting them i made this lovely sugar scrub with the left over petals.

What you will need:

A glass jar

Rose petals (i used about 20)

1 and half cups of plain sugar

1/4 cup coconut oil

A blender



Bear in mind that my roses were white so you can’t really see them within the scrub but if you used orange or pink roses you would get a fantastic colour!

To get started ย add the sugar to the blender, then add the oil, and finally the rose petals. Depending on how you like your scrub you can add more oil which will make it less fluffy. Blend blend blend until you get the consistency you like and ta da! A beautiful body scrub for your bathroom shelf. Pour into a cute jar and admire for as long as you wish!

The benefit of this scrub is the roses, we all know (well i hope we do) how good they are for you. Relaxing, moisturising, toning and not to forget a great anti-inflammatory and antibacterial.

I think you should go ahead and make one if you haven’t already, it was so simple and fun.

Do you have you any gorgeous body scrub creations?

With love,


Kate X




  1. Sounds amazing! Love how you blended it all together. I’m going to be making a DIY rose infused bath oil soon as I picked up some really cool bottles a while ago!

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