Going Vegan: Update #1


So as per my last post here. You will know i have made the decision to become vegan (or at least try my best). I just wanted to update you a little on how my journey is going and what i have noticed over the last week or so.

I feel like i have much more energy, i think i can put that down to my increase in carbs. I’ve been eating lots of fruit, vegetables, rice, pasta (gluten free) etc. At first i was hesitant to eat mainly carbs because society says that carbs make you fat and i really don’t want to put on any weight but after researching over the last few months how carbs fuel your body i now know this isn’t true.

Secondly, lets talk weight. I’m not doing this lifestyle to lose any, I’m doing it to be the healthiest i can possibly be. I don’t think i have lost any weight, i don’t even own a pair of scales, but based on my appearance and the way my clothes fit me i feel a bit more toned and a lot less bloated. In the morning my belly is as flat as a pancake, the most flattest it has been in a long time. I have however noticed after meals my stomach will swell a little but again my body isn’t use to eating nutrient rich foods so I’m sure it will be clinging onto them all for dear life! I also now know that after a good meal this is totally normal, it doesn’t mean I’ve gained fat!


Thirdly and this is where I’m not so happy. My skin! It has broken out pretty bad these last few days. I’m told this is my body detoxifying, did anyone else have this? They aren’t surface spots they’re really deep and painful. My skin has been pretty stable for the last few years since cleaning up my act in terms of eating dairy but my god i haven’t had anything like this in ages! It hasn’t come at a great time as i am bridesmaid next week for my best friend’s wedding, I’m hoping that it will clear itself up a bit by then but at the moment I’m feeling doubtful. I don’t want return to old habits and i will stick with it even if i do have blemishes in hope that it will pay off in the end!


Finally I feel like I’m always eating! Fruits & vegetables are a lot more nutrient dense with a lot less calories so i know i need to eat more but man, i feel like I’m a human dustbin haha. I’d like to ask a few fellow vegans out there how you feel about fats and oils? Do you keep them to a minimum? Im trying to eat low fat personally.

What did you notice in your first few months of going vegan? Please share with me your comments, i’d love to know!

With love,


Kate X



  1. Well done you for attempting to go vegan! I’m such a fussy eater I don’t think I could ever do it. That sucks that your skin is breaking out, you’ll have to whip out a face mask & hope that they go down by next week…I hope they do for you! Looking forward to more posts on this topic x

    1. Luckily they went down overnight like fate for the wedding yesterday! So very pleased that i put a face mask on 🙂 For the wedding i pre ordered food from ages ago so i had your standard food for one day and my gosh i noticed straight away how my body just couldn’t tolerate it! ..back to vegan today tho 🙂 x

  2. Good job Kate for attempting this! Although I don’t think that I could become a vegan, I like to take certain aspects of the vegan lifestyle and incorporate it into my own. They always have such fab recipes!

    1. Thank you Amber! It’s not as hard as i thought the only thing is i feel like I’m eating all the time but that’s because fruit and veg are less calorie dense so we need more! I agree there are some fantastic recipes i hope to put some on my blog in the near future xx

  3. Great post lovely! And well done for choosing the vegan path, it will change your life 🙂

    Sounds like you’re on track too, high carb low fat is definitely the way to go. Personally, I feel amazing eating that way – and I totally agree, I feel like I’m constantly eating too!

    Much love xx

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