Blogger Love!

So when i started my blog there were a few people that i got familiar with quite quickly. This is my shout out to those girls whose blogs i still love and read now. There are many many more i have discovered but this is just the first few i came across!


Amber Karlson from All Naturally Beautiful is a professional make-up artist based in Canada (as if that isn’t enough to interest you already). She has a great blog  where her mission is to show that non toxic cosmetics are just as affordable and just as good as the mainstream brands. She has recently launched her own online store Nuciya with her along term boyfriend selling trusted brands she has tried and tested on herself. I think that is a fantastic achievement and very much something to look up to. The website is designed beautifully and will certainly lure you in! We seem to have similar loves when it come to products she chooses and find myself clicking away at each post thats pops up. You can find Amber on other social media such as instagram @amber_karlson and twitter @AmberKarlson.

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Ana from anagoesgreen is the perfect blog for your eco beauty fix, with regular and informative posts Ana has me excited from beginning to end. My personal favourite posts of Ana’s are her green beauty news and releases. It’s a one stop post for all the newest and exciting products around which has your bank balance quivering by the end. Ana has been a really supportive blogger since i started out and i’d like to show some appreciation for this lady right here right now! Check out her blog but don’t forget her on instagram @anagoesgreen and twitter @anagoesgreen.


Another supportive lady is Sandra from Beauty Balm. Sandra’s posts are a great read! Posting quite a lot throughout the week you are sure to find a post you like! We share a love for the brand Dahliana Naturals and my personal favourite thing about Sandra is the fact she has tried out a lot of products meaning her posts are packed with variety! Go check out her blog and don’t forget to follow her on twitter @Beauty_Balm 🙂


Amber’s beauty talk run by Amber (obviously) is a fantastic beauty blog which shows her journey to more natural and organic products. Amber has recently started a youtube channel showing you her loves and discoveries along the way. Being new to youtube she is off to a fantastic start and comes across well on camera. With regards to her blog Amber posts reviews regularly on skincare, make-up and with the odd but of lifestyle in there. You can also catch Amber on instagram @ambersbeautytalk and twitter @amber_felce.

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Annie from Hello Purple Clouds runs a brilliant blog where she writes about her passion for natural beauty and lifestyle. Annie’s blog was one of the first i came across when starting out. Her posts are informative, have great content and beautiful pictures! She also lives in the gorgeous Dorset which I’m completely jealous of! If you are a lover of all things above then please check her blog out! Follow her on twitter @hipurpleclouds

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 15.45.42

The lovely Ru is the creator of short small & sweet, a green beauty blog with the added bonus of pretty knitting and coconut desserts to tickle your fancy. Certainly making me want a macaroon just thinking about it! On Ru’s blog you will find beauty reviews and the odd DIY. She takes lovely photos and really makes me want to read every post she writes! Follow her on instagram @shortsmallsweets and twitter @shortsmallsweet.


Finally, Katie from Katie Vibes is another new blogger who’s taken to her blog like a duck to water. Passionate about cruelty free and green products Katies post show her discoveries along the way. Katie is also vegan which for me is an added bonus as per my recent post here i shared the fact I’m becoming vegan with you all in which Katie showed her support by offering any tips and advice along the way. Check out Katies blog and support her too! You can find Katie on @katievibesblog and twitter @KatieVibes.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and come across some new blogs which you can add to your list! I have many other bloggers i have found in which i will show my support and appreciation along the way, but for now i wanted to share with you the blogs i came across first and why i love them. Thank you to Stephanie from She’s So Eco for starting the whole blogger love! You can check out her post which started it all here.

Bye for now,


Kate X



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