Vegan or Ve-gone?


I’ve been a bit poorly recently and while I’ve been moping about the house i have re-evaluated most things but one thing i am particularly interested in at the moment is veganism. SHOCK! This word to most is an automatic conversation stopper. I don’t know a single vegan in person, actually that is a lie, i know one and we only just met recently but other than that, nill, nothing, none! The health benefits from this diet can be life changing. To give you a bit of history, i used to be a cheese addict, everyday without fail i would have a cheese salad sandwich with Walkers cheese and onion crisps from the local butty van down the road on my lunch break from work. It got that bad that they had my order ready before i even arrived, cringe! I started to get poorly, got extremely bad skin and to put bluntly i felt crap. I went to the doctors had lots of tests and overtime it turned out i was intolerant to dairy. I kind of figured that myself already but for the pure fact i loved cheese, i needed this to be confirmed before i was going to give it up!

I basically went cold turkey for about 18 months i felt great my skin got better and i had no stomach pains! Overtime it slowly crept back into my diet, not in the daily doses like it used to but every few weeks or so. One small bit of dairy wasn’t so bad but then i’d eat more and it became a cycle again. I started to research veganism and found so much information. I feel like a bit of a geek for saying this but there is a professor called Dr.Greger who has a website called, you may or may not of heard of him but he sources the worlds nutrition research and puts it into understandable and informative daily videos and articles. His videos are usually no more than around 5 minutes so you can learn something new everyday in a small amount of time. He himself is an advocate of a vegan lifestyle i would recommend taking a look at his website if your interested in nutrition.

I haven’t declared myself as vegan as such to friends and family, why might you say? Well I’m not fully there yet and in all honesty, I’m a little apprehensive about how they will react! I prefer to call it a plant based diet anyway, it’s the same thing right? I struggle some days to find what to eat, i’m loving fruit and i love some vegetables, but some i do not! Like KALE…ughhh!! I hate it, it tastes awful, but I’m trying to incorporate it into things to disguise the taste as i know it is good for you!

I find myself sometimes getting the vegan anger! Haha, i think when you feel passionate about something this can sometimes happen. For example, my mum suffers with osteoporosis and she once said to me, ”i need to drink more milk for calcium for my bones”. Straight away i was like ‘No mum it’s not great for your bones!’ she didn’t understand, and came replied with ”Well that’s what all the adverts say!”. That is what annoys me, most of us trust in what society says, and it isn’t wrong for us to do that, why shouldnt we believe what they tell us. The fact is, what we are lead to believe is not always true. The amount of hormones injected into the foods that we eat that lead to all sorts of health issues is makes me uneasy. I was once one of those people who believed the media so it’s not my mum I’m angry at it’s the society we have been brought up in and what we’re lead to believe as opposed to the truth.

I don’t think i could ever be raw like some vegans. I do like a cooked meal most the time but never say never. I thought this post would be an interesting one, as many of the green beauty bloggers are vegetarian/vegan because they are animal lovers like myself!

I’m thinking of doing a 6 week vegan challenge, i’ll put just one recipe up a week for 6 weeks that you can try along with me. You may think one meal won’t change much but the idea is to promote a healthier lifestyle and show that this lifestyle is quite simple so let me know if you think this is a good idea and i’ll do it.

Are you vegan or thinking about going vegan? If so what do you think about this lifestyle?

With love,


Kate X



    1. Thanks RU 🙂 it certainly wasn’t easy at first with my love of some things like cheese but it gets easier the more i try it 🙂 xx

  1. Wow, obviously I’m thrilled to hear this! I also went vegan cold-turkey and for a while it really took a toll on my body in a digestive sense. If you need any advice etc, just drop me an email. I have a lot of tips on how to lessen your body’s adverse reactions to going vegan, I’m actually thinking about doing a post on it soon! x

    1. High 5 to you for going cold turkey Katie! I’ve managed to stay mostly vegan for a few months now and really loving the lifestyle and how it makes me feel, luckily i haven’t had any nasty gut issues if anything its much better! I look forward to reading your post if you do one, my fellow vegan 🙂 thanks for the kind words xx

      1. Thank you so much! I look forward to future interactions with you. Feel free to follow me on any social media site and I’ll gladly follow you right back! 🙂

  2. Really good post Katie. I was vegetarian for 22 years, then went back to eating some meat and fish and now am back to being vegetarian and trying to be mostly vegan, because I too have a dairy intolerance. I am also a complete cheese fiend so it is hard but like you, I do feel best when I follow a vegan diet. x

    1. Thank you Annie! It’s great to hear you are trying to be mostly vegan I know how important it is for health and well being so it’s great you feel better when you eat that way. Cheese is my weakness but I haven’t had it in a while now and my palette has changed so hoping it will stay that way! X

  3. Congrats and good luck on your journey! I tried the vegan lifestyle but failed because it takes a lot of effort reading every last label making sure it is vegan approved. I am still, however, a vegetarian and saw away from milk and eggs mostly. I cannot give up cheese though. Again good luck and don’t forget to take your vitamins!

    1. Thank you so much..i know it is difficult when we don’t live in a world where veganism is vastly supported. I’m going to try my best and thank you for commenting and your support xx

  4. Good luck and it’s totally doable. I ate a vegan diet for some time – if you cook your meals from scratch it’s much easier than eating out. Hundreds of millions of people in the world eat a vegan diet healthily. I am wary of 100% raw diets as it’s quite hard for the body to extract all the nutrients it needs.

    1. Thank you 🙂 I don’t think i could ever be fully raw, i liked my cooked foods too much anyway. I know there are many people out there living a healthy vegan lifestyle, i hope my journey leads to me to being one of them, i am enjoying it so far 🙂 x

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