Month: July 2014

Going Vegan: Update #1


So as per my last post here. You will know i have made the decision to become vegan (or at least try my best). I just wanted to update you a little on how my journey is going and what i have noticed over the last week or so.



Antipodes | Rejoice light facial day cream


I’ve wanted to buy something from the Antipodes range for such a long time. Known for their scientifically and clinically proven products I’m glad i could get my hands on this moisturiser. I love the packaging, simple yet eye catching. The aluminium tube is 100% biodegradable and not to forget the squeeziness of it is great for minimal wastage of the product!


Blogger Love!

So when i started my blog there were a few people that i got familiar with quite quickly. This is my shout out to those girls whose blogs i still love and read now. There are many many more i have discovered but this is just the first few i came across!


Amber Karlson from All Naturally Beautiful is a professional make-up artist based in Canada (as if that isn’t enough to interest you already). She has a great blog  where her mission is to show that non toxic cosmetics are just as affordable and just as good as the mainstream brands. She has recently launched her own online store Nuciya with her along term boyfriend selling trusted brands she has tried and tested on herself. I think that is a fantastic achievement and very much something to look up to. The website is designed beautifully and will certainly lure you in! We seem to have similar loves when it come to products she chooses and find myself clicking away at each post thats pops up. You can find Amber on other social media such as instagram @amber_karlson and twitter @AmberKarlson.


Vegan or Ve-gone?


I’ve been a bit poorly recently and while I’ve been moping about the house i have re-evaluated most things but one thing i am particularly interested in at the moment is veganism. SHOCK! This word to most is an automatic conversation stopper. I don’t know a single vegan in person, actually that is a lie, i know one and we only just met recently but other than that, nill, nothing, none! The health benefits from this diet can be life changing. To give you a bit of history, i used to be a cheese addict, everyday without fail i would have a cheese salad sandwich with Walkers cheese and onion crisps from the local butty van down the road on my lunch break from work. It got that bad that they had my order ready before i even arrived, cringe! I started to get poorly, got extremely bad skin and to put bluntly i felt crap. I went to the doctors had lots of tests and overtime it turned out i was intolerant to dairy. I kind of figured that myself already but for the pure fact i loved cheese, i needed this to be confirmed before i was going to give it up!