May Favourites!


Im sat here on a rainy Sunday afternoon reflecting on my May favourites with a nice cup of Pukka tea, peppermint & liquorice to be preicise (not really liking it if i’m honest) i much prefer the other flavours.

I have quite a lot of loves recently both beauty and non beauty related. I’ve narrowed it down and picked 11 to share with you guys. (still quite a lot really isn’t it?)

Dune Sandals
I’m in love with these, i saw them online when i was in a pondering nothing to do mood and they instantly caught my attention. I’d been looking for a decent pair of sandals for a while. I wanted a slight heel to give me some height as i’m only small, and they seemed to fit the bill nicely. They are extremely comfy and stylish and very much worth the price tag (£69). I don’t really tend to buy expensive shoes but i’ve noticed the 3 pairs i do own are all from Dune. I think that’s saying something.

I bought these a few years ago from Accessorize. It was actually Wes (boyf) who spotted them and got me to try them on. I wasn’t having ant of it at first as i thought he was taking the micky but once i put them on they looked great! The coral sides and the animal print really compliment each other. We’ve had a bit of sun in England recently so these have been a must in my handbag. Unfortunately i don’t think they sell them anymore but they do similar styles.

Bio Organics Hair oil
This was from my LoveLula subscription box, i have so many samples and miniatures to try that i’ve made a conscious effort to use them recently. My ends often get dry so i gave this go and i really liked it! Just a small blob in your hand after washing your hair and it smoothes my ends nicely!

Jane Iredale
Another one from my LoveLula subsciption box. I love the cute little packaging, miniatures just make me squeel a little anyway, they are so cute. This beauty is a lip tint. It doesn’t look like it will do much from looking at it, but it gives a really nice ‘your lips but better look’. It makes my lift so soft!

The Body Deli
I got this little pit in the A Beautiful World sampler box (review here). I’ve used it since day one and i love it. I have never really been one to use eye creams but since i had one i thought why not use it. It certainly firms up the eye area but it doesn’t feel tight or dehydrating. I aim to do a review on this soon.

Bee Good
I got this after reading Ana’s review from Anagoesgreen. It’s all her fault that i now love this stuff haha! I’m kind of a cleanser junkie, it’s my weakness. On a serious note it is so creamy on the skin and does a great job of removing my make-up. I will do a review on this once ive finished it but for now im just enjoying using it. Go and read Ana’s blog if you haven’t already. She writes excellent and informative posts :).

Dahliana Naturals
Well i did a review on this over night fruit lift recently which you can read it here. I can’t get over this product and what it does to my skin. It really does work wonders, something i never though i would say. I’ve bought the big daddy now and got the full size, it stands pride of place on my dressing table. And so it should!

Butter London
I bought a set of these nail varnishes in TK Maxx for £7.99, a bargain if you ask me as they are £12 each in boots. It came with a top and bottom coat which i was in desperate need of, and a nail varnish remover. I know Butter London are only 3 free and really i prefer at least 5 free but i really like this colour. It is a silver space metal looking colour with a hint of lilac and really stands out!

Ted Baker
I have a bit of a thing for rose gold/gold plated things recently. I just think they look so classy hence my reasons for buying these new eyelash curlers. They have a new range out recently all in this beautiful gold colour. Everyone raved about the Shu Uemura curlers that came out a while ago and if you want something that looks just like them and works just as well then go for these. They were only £8, i think that is a pretty good deal!

Kate Spade

I recently upgraded my iphone and needed to get a new case as the old one would no longer fit. I adore Kate Spade products, they are so vibrant and fun yet classy. There wasnt actually much choice in the apple store but this one caught my eye. I’m pretty sure i will be able to spot this in my bottomless bag with it’s bright red and white stripes! It has her name etched across the bottom in gold which makes it look that little more expensive! To be fair, they are relatively pricey but i’m sick of buying ones for £5 here and there and them breaking so what the heck!

I recently wrote a review on the Bulgarian rosewater i bought from Etsy from a shop knows as ‘LittleRoseFields’ . You can read my review on it here. I love this bottle of magic, i use it as a toner and also spray it on my face throughout the day. It is very refreshing and great to even out the skin tone.

I really enjoyed writing this post, i think monthly favourites are my prefered post to read as you get a glimpse of what everyone is loving in one little hit!

What were your May Favourites?

With love



Kate X



    1. Haha thank you Amber they are the best shoes I’ve bought in a while! Im nearly out of my rosewater already i pretty much use it everyday! Im really glad your liking it! x

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