Bulgarian Rosewater ‘Little Rose Fields’ Review!


The hype surrounding rosewater over the last few years has increased significantly which can only be a good thing as more people should know about it! I wasn’t a huge fan of the smell years ago. However it has definitely grown on me and i now find it really refreshing . I had read about the benefits for a while but i hadn’t actually acted on it and bought it so at the beginning of the year i decided to give it a go.

Being fair skinned, redness can creep up on you and really stand out more than darker skin tones so that was my main reason for trying it. I don’t suffer from rosacea or anything severe, just the odd patch here and there. I first bought the Pukka organic rosewater. I certainly noticed a difference in my skins appearance after a few days of spritzing it on my face throughout day. It appeared more even and fresh looking and i was really happy with the results. I ended up using it all and then completely forgot about it until i came across Britanie’s post from beautybybritanie.

I love her blog, not only is she beautiful but having gone through a lot of health issues she created her blog to help others deal with similar issues in a positive way by sharing her findings along the way. If you haven’t already you should go and check her out!

So i wanted to buy some more but wanted to try a different brand, i ended up going on Etsy as i am slightly addicted and came across a little shop called Little Rose Fields where they sell organic rosewater. Not only is it organic, but also from the famous Bulgarian Rose Valley where the soil and unique climate provide one of a kind conditions making the Rosa Damascena Rose one the finest roses in the world along with the most health and beauty benefits.

Have a read on what they have to say for themselves, they also have a website which you can see here:

Our organic rosewater is 100 % pure and natural. It’s free from alcohol and other additives.

Our Rosewater is obtained through steam-distillation from our freshly hand-picked rose blossoms. It is infused with microdrops of the rose essential oil as well as the water-soluble rose components which give it its scent and therapeutic qualities.


For £10.82 (including shipping to UK) you will receive 150ml in a frosted glass bottle with a spray cap making it easy to spritz throughout the day. So what are you waiting for, go order some! I know that i already persuaded Amber from amber-allnaturallybeautiful, see her blog here , another gorgeous lady (and make-up artist might i add) seeking greener and non toxic cosmetics.

There are many uses and benefits of rosewater from food, perfume and beauty to the anti-inflammorty properties, hair growth, blood circulation, maintaining ph balance of the skin any more! Im sure you can find one to suit you!

Do you use rosewater? If so how do you use it?

With Love

Kate x




  1. I often forget to use them but I have a few rose products that help the small bits of redness in my skin tremendously! I think I’ll have to buy this once I’ve used up a couple of my toners! Thanks for sharing Kate xx

  2. I adore rosewater, it’s the only toner I use. I have been using Luna Organics pure rosewate for a while now but this product sounds lovely too x

  3. Bulgaria was famous for their rose oil (well probably still is!), so I guess it make sense that rose water would be really good quality too. I have been using Pukka for years, but very tempted to try this one now xx

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