Star Review! Dahliana Naturals Overnight fruit lift


Where do i start with this product? Well let me just say it is the best product i have EVER EVER used. I know that’s a big statement to make but it seriously is. I have suffered with my skin over the years. As a teenager I had lovely skin, always clear plump and fresh looking but soon as I hit 20 it changed and it became sensitive and acne prone. Since then I’ve learnt to control my skin through my diet and skincare regime which has kept it as balanced as it can be but since using this cream my skin has transformed. I never use products expecting any miracles as I know it’s what you put in your body that counts most but I’ve got to hand it to Dahliana Naturals for making this amazing stuff!


Want to know a bit more? Dahliana Naturals believes that you can have an effective beauty regime without compromise and that is why they are Vegan, chemical free, paraben free and sulphate free. They use all natural products and certified organic ingredients where possible. A lot of their products contain fruit stem cells which increase your skin’s cell vitality, lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, increase the longevity of skin cells, and improve a more youthful skin texture and appearance.

Let’s get to the review…

The consistency is like a rich creme, not thick, but silky smooth and feels so nourishing on the skin. It does advise on their website that it may cause a slight tingling sensation due to the active ingredients however this wasn’t the case for me. I applied it before bed with nothing else. The following morning my skin looked radiant, soft and glowy. I do have some slight scarring from my past skin problems so my skin tone wasn’t the most even, but after just one use this actually blew me away. At this point i didn’t know if i was just having an amazing skin day or if this stuff was made of dreams but later that evening i applied it again before bed. The box states to use 2-3 times a week, the website says use every other night but also makes reference to the fact that you may use it every night if you wish.



At this point i was non the wiser as i hadn’t looked at the site and the one i was testing was the small pot that i got with my S/S 14 sampler box from A beautiful world, review here. So i applied it every night. Each day my skin was looking younger, youthful and radiant. I was getting comments at work and i felt the need to wear little makeup. Now here is where the tester comes in. If i have lots of late nights in a row combined with eating rather unhealthy it shows big time in my skin. By week 3 of using this stuff i had a hectic week, slept little, ate rubbish and yet my skin was still glowing! I was totally amazed yet confused at how this could be. In recent years my skin has become slighty dry and flakey but after using this cream my dry patches have gone. It must be to do with the cell turnover but my skin has just normalised completely. I’d also like point out this cream is suitable for all skin types!


I realised i was getting to the end of my ‘pot of gold’ and went online to buy some more. I hadn’t seen the price by this point and i was a little saddened when i saw it was £56. You may have seen my tweet! However A Beautiful World commented to advise me they had the 20% off card in their sampler box which i could use towards it when purchasing from their website! I didn’t even notice this when i got my box so if any of you missed it, go find your box!

I have been on a spending ban for months and months and i thought it was about time i treated myself so i bought it with my discount code and got it for £44.80, still expensive i know but it lasted a while for a small pot and I’ve never been so impressed by a product so what the heck!

The full size version is 1.5oz/ 42g available from A Beautiful World.

I will continue to use this product due to the results it has given me along with the extra boost of confidence I’ve found since making it a part of my skincare regime! I will certainly look at buying more from their line and keep you posted on my thoughts!




Organic Dark Cherry Juice, Fruit Stem Cells, Juice Blend with Acerola Cherry, Olive Oil, Rosehip Oil, Shea Butter, Citrus Oil Blend, Aloe, Hydrolyzed Rice Proteins, Green Tea extract, Hydrolyzed Oats

Have you used the Dahliana overnight fruit lift or any of their other products?

With Love


Kate X



  1. Great review Kate! I love it when you find a product that you absolutely love! It is in the pricey side but with the confidence boost its given you…how can you put a price on that?! 🙂 xx

    1. I haven’t ever bought anything that pricey before so It was overdue and I agree you can’t put a price on the confidence boost it’s given me! Xx

    1. Thank you Ana. I rarely spend that much on skincare but It really did work well with my skin so why not! Definitely try yours out 🙂 xx

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