My Birthday Weekend!


So it was my birthday this weekend, i had a lovely time eating, drinking and more eating! I’m pleased to say that i also got some things of my wish list too! I was supposed to take more photos of my weekend but i completely forgot, i was obviously enjoying the cake too much!

We (me and the bf) went out for a lovely meal to Gusto, an Italian restaurant. I’m sorry i have no pictures of the food again i literally inhaled it before i remembered i was supposed to take a picture, oooops. However i can confirm it was scrumptious, we had hummus and flatbread for starters, for main i had good old veggie pizza and for dessert, the best of all, a Nutellaย calzone!ย Oh my, words can not describe the taste!

We later went to the MacDonald Manchester hotel with spa, we have stayed here a few times just because the rooms are so nice and most of the time it’s a reasonable price so we do venture back there from time to time to have a little relaxation time. This was all a surprise ๐Ÿ™‚ i had no idea. On arrival I did take a look at the products in the bathroom as i used to be a sucker for those little freebies, i noticed it said ‘natural’ on their shower gel so of course i had to check it out and no it was NOT natural at all. Soudiumย laurel sulphate, i don’t think so Mr! So i took advantage of the slippers and robesย instead, i wasn’t indulging in any nasties for the sake of a freebie.

Matt & Phredsย jazz bar in the Northern Quarter was where we ended up later on in the evening, it took me back to my youth (i say that like I’m ancient), it was a spur of the moment kinda thing so unfortunately the live band were just finishing as we arrived but nevertheless what we did seeย was amazing. I love live music and it is such a good atmosphere, if your ever in Manchester go check it out.

Of course we had a few wines, and this happened :O


The morning after my birthday we decided to take a stroll aroundย town, the weather had brightened up (yeah thanks for the lashing of rain on my birthday) and all was rosy in Manchester city centre.


Have you ever heard of the shop Pylones, well it’s amazing! I’m drawn to anything bright or pretty, generally like a child and this place just draws you in with it’s uniqueness. It is a French company which beganย in Paris when the creatorย Braguette Magique created a collection of animal jewelry made from rubber. Yes it sounds weird, don’t judge, just go see for yourself. Since they have become so popular they have greatly expanded their products fromย kitchen utensils to pens and stationary etc.











Of course i bought a couple of things ๐Ÿ˜‰ i couldn’t resist. What do you think? Is this your kinda place?

On the way home we popped into my boyfriend’s mums house, to eat more of course! She has recently made her own vegetable patch out of an old bed frame. I was seriously impressed by how good it looks! I now want my own, however i wouldn’t want to eat the little guys i’d just want to stare at how pretty it was. What do you think of it?


To finish my weekend we booked to go to NEW YORK in October, i am seriously excited and it also means i can go check out all the natural and organic skincare and make-up lines over there! Anywhere you recommend going?


How was your bank holiday weekend? Did you do anything nice? ๐Ÿ™‚

With Love

Kate X



    1. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend too! I noticed on your instagram you were pottering in your allotment , i love the fact you are growing your own! xx

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