My Birthday Wishlist!

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 23.37.14

So it’s my birthday this weekend and i have asked for a few of the above bits because quite frankly my wish list is now bordering on ridiculous! I have so many things i want recently that it would be impossible to buy them all at once, as I’m not banking with Coutts if you know what i mean!

So lets start with cleanser! Im about to run out of my all favourite Pai camellia & rose hydrating cleanser so i thought i’d give something else a go! I love coconut and that combined in a cleanser sounds amazing so I’m going to give the Essential Care creamy coconut cleanser a go! I feel it’s a reasonable price too (not that I’m buying it 😉 )

Eyelash curlers – I’ve had my current ones for years and they are just falling apart, they have just been loved so much!  I really love the gold effect of the new line out by Ted Baker so i aim to give them  Look out for a review!

Mascara – The only thing i haven’t really changed yet in my make-up since going green, so I’m going to try the Dr Hauschka volume mascara as i’ve heard good things!

Face mask/ Exfoliator – I absolutely adore Juice Beauty and i’m yet to try more of their line, i would say i have skin on the more sensitive side so the green apple peel is my next point of call for a more even tone and less aggravated skin.

Oil – Kadalys have recently launched in the UK and i cannot wait to try out their nutritive oil to leave my skin silky smooth!

I LOVE Kate Spade i already have the spotty iPad case and purse with a matching iPhone case which i can no longer use as i upgraded to a different phone 😦 sad times, but her designs are so simple and chic but also young and vibrant. I am going to New York in October and really want to buy one of her watches, i love the pink one above but i think that has now been and good and 2014 styles are out in force! I’ll let you know later in the year how i get on with that watch hunt…

Lips – Mine are so dry recently whats going on! I never have dry lips so after being advised to check out the Josie Maran argan high gloss lip quench I’m going to see what all the fuss is about!

I’ve started working out again recently after a bit of a slump over the winter so I’m loving the idea of this Polar heart rate monitor to keep me enthusiastic and to track my goals!

Oh Zoya how i just stare at your beautifulness all day! I NEED to get rid of my 100 Revlon nail polishes back from when i was a chemical bunny and replace them with some a little less harsh. I’ve had a few from Zoya before so i know they hold up well.

Make-up brushes – Now i need a good set, mine need replacing and to be honest i want some that match! Any suggestions on some pretty ones would be appreciated 🙂 I’m toying with the idea of the Zoeva brushes at the moment.

Books –  I do love a good book but it’s not that often i read, only really when I’m on holiday. I fancy a good ‘green’ book, again any suggestions?

Jeans –  Seriously in need of some of these! I actually don’t think I’ve bought any in years!!! It’s one item i always struggle with. The sizes are just ridiculous from one shop to the next so i want to find a decent pair that will last me.

And finally the even so stylish, leather jacket! I love this one from River Island. I don’t think you can ever go wrong wearing one, they just go with most things and are a good staple piece in your wardrobe! 

What is on your wish list? Have you tried any of the above? Comment below! 🙂 

With love,

Kate X



  1. Ooh I hope you have a fab birthday! I have the Kadalys Sublime Oil and it gives off a lovely shimmer! I love Zoya polishes too 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday Kate! This is a great wishlist ..maybe if you’re interested in something a bit different for books. Jess for Ecoholic Beauty on youtube mentioned some good reads for coming off of hormonal birth control. Apparently it is possible to not get pregnant and not be on the pill. I’m really interested in this subject so the books she mentioned are on my ‘to read’ list. Heres’ the link to the youtube video:

    1. Thank you Amber 🙂 i was fortunate enough to get some things of this list so I’m a very happy girl right now! Sounds like a different yet interesting video i shall take a look! thanks for the link 🙂 x

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