A Beautiful world S/S 14 Sampler Box


So every man and his dog is doing a blog post about the ‘A Beautiful World S/S 14’ sampler box but I’m just going to jump right on that band wagon because they deserve the recognition and secondly i just love it!

I was lay in bed this morning catching up on my favourite blogs when i heard the door, i literally karate jumped out the bed as i remembered my porch was locked and the little royal mail man would probably skittle away as fast as he came!

I was wearing my miss matched pyjamas and my hair was absolutely gross! He actually looked scared when i answered the door hahaha, it makes me chuckle even now. Why does the post man come when a) i look horrendous and b) when I’m wearing no bra, it makes signing for my parcel that little more awkward!

So after an insight to how it arrived let’s get on with showing you this little beauty!


The presentation and by that i mean the bag and the box give it a luxury feel before you have even opened it!


MuLondon (White chocolate elbow, knee & heel cream)

Let’s just take a moment while i can sniff this again…..(lift’s nose to elbow’s as I’m already bathing in it)

This smells divine! If your like me and love smells in general you’re going to love this.

This pot of joy retails at £19 for 60ml so i already have my monies worth for this box at £20. I have never used their products to date so when i saw this i was extremely pleased. I will be purchasing more that’s for sure.

The consistency is a little waxy which doesn’t really bother me and the fact the main ingredient is shea butter means it is of course very hydrating. I will definitely be keeping this on my bathroom shelf for some time to come.

Contains no mineral oils, parabens, silicones, emulsifiers or other man-made chemicals


  Chocolate Sun (Cocoa Glow)

I already have this in a full size version and i must say i am loyal to this fake tan. I hardly ever wear tanner to be honest as i find it a faff but when i want to look a little less Casper like this is my go to as it doesn’t really have that over powering smell that reminds me of my 18 year only self caked in 3 inches of Garnier Ambre Solaire and neither does it peel of like a bad spray tan from a dodgy shop down the road (do not remind me of this memory).

I much prefer rocking my fair skin these days but this tan really does give a nice looking glow and lasts for a good few days. It retails at £26 for 8oz a little pricey but i would say worth it.

Chocolate Sun is free of all known allergens such as lanolin and mineral oils, parabens and plant ingredients grown with the use of pesticides. The natural aromas come from the ingredients used in the formulations. All formulation preservatives are derived from fruits and salts


The Body Deli (Firming flax eye cream)

Never tried anything from this brand yet although i have lusted over their ‘Blueberry Fusion Micro-Scrub’ for some time. I like the fact i got an eye cream and a firming one at that because i actually don’t own an eye cream so we will see how this goes down over the next month or so. The full size version retails at £28 for 1oz i suppose that is probably on the expensive side again but from what I’ve read they seem to be a good brand and worth the investment.

The Body Deli is the original pioneer for fresh, raw, organic skin and body care. The effectiveness of the brands superfood skincare system is down to the potent ‘raw’ living state of the products which  contain everything your skin needs and nothing it doesn’t


Marble & Milkweed (spring tonic serum)

Look at this little thing! You don’t get much at all and i haven’t tested it yet so i can’t tell you how well it glides onto the skin and if a little goes a long way it but ill be sure to give it a go. I love serums especially my Odylique Organic Superfruit Serum so it will be good to compare and see if anything can top it (I’m highly doubtful of that right now as it has blown every other serum I’ve used out the water) but we shall see. It retails at £22 for 1 oz. I know little about this brand but after having a look on their website they seem like a great company with good ethics.

All Marble & Milkweed products contain the finest organic ingredients, and are made by hand with love in New York City


Naisture (Collagen Mask Pack)

This is not one of those paste type face masks that gloop’s out of the jar or tube it is actually paper! This sounds really good but strange at the same time. Maybe next time i answer the door to the little royal mail man i should wear one of these and really scare him!

It claims to improve the firmness and elasticity of your skin with its active ingredients and retails for £10 for 5 x 24ml. Excited to try this one!

Vegetable collagen derived from carrots strengthens skin, improves elasticity and has anti-ageing properties. This wonder-mask also contains one of the most friendly acids – hyaluronic, which is a natural part of our skin’s matrix and binds moisture in. Other stellar ingredients include Shea Butter and Raffinose which help promote smoother, silkier and more radiant-looking skin


Bee Yummy (Eye & lip cream & honey mask)

The eye and lip cream has only three ingredients, olive oil, beeswax and fir needles. In my eyes the less ingredients the better so this is a winner already. I haven’t tried their products yet (Gosh there is so much for me to buy!) but this little sampler will set my on my way. Retailing at £22 for 1oz.

The honey mask sounds lovely, one to add to my collection as i do love a good face mask to leave my skin feeling smooth and hydrated. It retails at £24 for 15g and promises to give amazing results!

Hand harvested and free for any preservatives, heat processing or synthetics


Dahliana (Overnight fruit lift créme)

Another brand yet to try! I don’t have many night crémes so i will be using this tonight! I like fruits in skincare so i hope the active ingredients from the cherries live up to their name! It is a whopping £56 for 1.5oz not the cheapest at all but I’m not going to knock it till I’ve tried it. This is what they have to say for themselves:


Dahliana uses fresh fruit juice with naturally occurring fruit acids, fruit stem cell technologies and enzymes to create non-chemical bio-reactive results – luxury, natural skincare at its finest


Marble & Milkweed (Rose & Chamomile white tea)

I love tea!!!

This added little extra from Marble & Milkeweed made me happy. I drink a lot of tea, mainly hibiscus tea for it’s antioxidants and free radical benefits. I also like a good cup of earl grey like a grandma (don’t judge) it’s just my thing. It’s more than likely going to get used in the next 24 hours! You can grab this tea for £12 for 2oz.


And finally……………..

Tili Bag

Great if your travelling with hand luggage. You can trot pass those bubblegum type looking machines in the airport and laugh out loud at the rest of the public rummaging through their bags to find a £1 to purchase a clear plastic bag!

Im only joking of course, i am one of those people! But until i lose this little gem which is inevitable i can travel a bit more stylish than normal! A 12 pack retails at £7.50.

tili bags were developed by the wonderful Roseanna Horn, a high flying advertising exec from New York – so if anyone knows the best way to travel beautifully she does



Thanks you for reading 🙂 did you get the S/S 14 sampler box? Have you tried any of these products before? Please comment, like & subscribe for more beauty posts!

With love

Kate X



  1. I have to be honest I wasn’t THAT excited when it arrived because I already have a MU London cream (although it will definitely get used up as its lush) and the other products didn’t really seem to be up my street but I got a body deli creme gel moisturiser which I’m loving! Isn’t the M&M toner just tiny haha!

    1. The toner is so tiny i nearly didn’t notice it and it was nearly off to the bin men! haha …ive started using both the body deli eye cream and the dahliana over night cream and so far I’m very impressed! x

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