12 months of green beauty nostalgia!


So over the last year since becoming ‘green’ I’ve discovered many products which i love and not to forget, didn’t love!

Going green was so daunting to me that it took me about 2 months to even buy a cleanser (what the hell!) because i became a research freak about every single ingredient. I would find a product and if i wasn’t sure about what was in it i would then spend day & night trying to find out as much as i possibly could! Did anyone else do this? Don’t get me wrong i learnt a lot in that time, but my god my head hurt and by the time i actually bought the cleanser my face had just injured another 2 months of chemical slapping!

The first thing you should change in your going green beauty regime is?

Well that’s different for everyone isn’t it. Some people don’t wear foundation while others wear it everyday. Some people don’t wash their hair everyday, others do. What do you do most? Personally, i chose the cleanser first as i love removing my make-up at the end of the day, leaving it on for a few minutes and watching my face melt off, literally.

Realistically i probably should have bought make-up as my first green beauty product because i wear it most days. I don’t wear much but it is on my face the longest so would of made more sense had i done so. However, i didn’t, so hey ho there we go. I’ve defiantly made up for that now!


So to the products!

As you can see I’ve tried products from the likes of Pai skincare (a personal favourite) Burt’s Bees, Ren, Dr Bronner, Balance Me, Balm Balm, Badger, Primavera, Suti, John Masters Organics, Vapour, Inika to mention a few. This is a tiny fraction of the more well known brands available out there in the big green world of beauty, which makes me immensely happy as i know there are a ton more to discover. I absolutely love ordering the little samples and trying them out, it was and still is one of my favourite things about switching to more natural products, did anyone else get giddy when the 800th parcel came to their door?!

Some of the brands mentioned i remain extremely loyal too but my favourite is!……….


Pai skincare

I have been using their line for a few years. Their products are created with sensitive and irritable skin in mind. My favourite product is the camellia & rose cleanser, it’s the only cleanser that has been a staple in my skincare routine throughout. It’s great for removing eye makeup and doesn’t aggravate or sting at all which is one of the reasons i love it so much. I can’t be doing with the whole separate eye make-up remover as well! Is anyone else with me here? Their no-nonsense approach when it comes to the ingredients is a winner for me too, what you see is what you get. At a price of £35 for 200ml it is on the expensive side but if you have sensitive skin like me it sure won’t disappoint. It’s creamy non greasy consistency will have your make up removed in minutes and skin feeling soft and hydrated. You can purchase this online from Love Lula, Naturisimo, or Pai direct. You also get a free Muslin cloth with the 200ml version, yey! (i have way too many now) but if your just after trying it out grab the travel size at 50ml for £14 (muslin cloth not included).


What was your favourite product when turning green, and do you still use it now? Were you as crazy as me about looking up ingredients?

How many parcels came to your door in the first 6 months? Hehe.



  1. Great blog, this was actually all really helpful!
    I switched to all natural product January 2013. I am still slowly going more natural. I started with hair products and diet and now moving onto beauty products like makeup. I love RMS beauty products! (:

  2. Thank you Sophia 🙂 … I’m glad it was helpful! There are so many natural products out there that do the job just as well without the harsh effects. I’m yet to try RMS but they are on my wish list, especially the un cover-up X

    1. They’re great aren’t they! All their products for that matter. Your not on your own with the sensitive skin, it sucks doesn’t it! 😦 thanks to brands like Pai for making it easier to cope with! X

    1. You know I haven’t tried bodhi yet, how lame is that! But I really do love my oils too so I think I ought to purchase their products soon! X

  3. I have a few favourite brands but I agree with Sandra, Bodhi is amazing! The Neroli Luce facial oil has worked wonders on my oily skin! I also love Indie Lee & Living Nature!

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