Month: May 2014

Do you play by the rules?


I’m not one to follow rules when it comes to make-up, fashion and life. I generally just go with what feels right, so with that in mind please accept the weirdness that is about to come your way. Recently i’ve been using the little bits and bobs that i get in my LoveLula monthly subscription box, because they are taking over my drawers. My most recent love is the Gwdihw cherry smoochy lips. Firstly, i just have to tell you about how amazing it smells! I physically want to eat it. Secondly (and this is where the weirdness comes in) it is a great eyebrow moisturiser! Yes that’s right i did say EYEBROW!



Badger balm Review!


I’m always skeptical when it comes to sleeping remedies, i refuse to take pills and have been a night owl for as long as i can remember. My reasons for not taking tablets is simply because i do not want them in my body as i feel they don’t belong there. This is a personal choice. I have no judgement on anyone taking prescribed tablets.


My Birthday Weekend!


So it was my birthday this weekend, i had a lovely time eating, drinking and more eating! I’m pleased to say that i also got some things of my wish list too! I was supposed to take more photos of my weekend but i completely forgot, i was obviously enjoying the cake too much!

We (me and the bf) went out for a lovely meal to Gusto, an Italian restaurant. I’m sorry i have no pictures of the food again i literally inhaled it before i remembered i was supposed to take a picture, oooops. However i can confirm it was scrumptious, we had hummus and flatbread for starters, for main i had good old veggie pizza and for dessert, the best of all, a Nutella calzone! Oh my, words can not describe the taste!


My Birthday Wishlist!

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 23.37.14

So it’s my birthday this weekend and i have asked for a few of the above bits because quite frankly my wish list is now bordering on ridiculous! I have so many things i want recently that it would be impossible to buy them all at once, as I’m not banking with Coutts if you know what i mean!

So lets start with cleanser! Im about to run out of my all favourite Pai camellia & rose hydrating cleanser so i thought i’d give something else a go! I love coconut and that combined in a cleanser sounds amazing so I’m going to give the Essential Care creamy coconut cleanser a go! I feel it’s a reasonable price too (not that I’m buying it 😉 )


Inika Mineral Bronzer Review!


It’s great to have a glow now and then and although I’m content in my fair skinned bod i do add a little something extra from time to time.

I was in Manchester city centre a few weeks back having a mooch around. I popped into 8th Day co-op which is a vegetarian health food shop & cafe. I love visiting because they stock quite a fair bit of skincare (click the link to see their range) along side plenty of organic food & produce. After spending what feels like hours applying testers to my hand i noticed they had a small make-up section with a few INIKA products on display. I was immediately drawn to the bronzers which is unlike me. Im more of a blush girl but the glisten from this particular pot was amazing! After a few swatches i decided on a whim that i was going to buy one. There are 4 shades, i chose sunseeker 04. Little did i know that when i had a look on the website when i got home that this bronzer was descried as one for very tanned skins! How wrong could i have got it! I should of known by the number 04 on the box but i wasn’t paying attention to that. I was more in awe of the amazingess.


Chocolate covered fruit kebabs


Well now it’s ‘supposed’ to be spring and heating up slowly, VERY slowly i might add. I thought i’d share a little snack i made this weekend just gone for those summer months which i hope are yet to come!

It’s super simple. You don’t need to be a master chef to do this one. It’s also incredibly versatile. Vegan you say? No problem just use a dairy free alternative such as the Moo Free range chocolate. Take these to work, school, anywhere you like for a healthy treat!


A Beautiful world S/S 14 Sampler Box


So every man and his dog is doing a blog post about the ‘A Beautiful World S/S 14’ sampler box but I’m just going to jump right on that band wagon because they deserve the recognition and secondly i just love it!

I was lay in bed this morning catching up on my favourite blogs when i heard the door, i literally karate jumped out the bed as i remembered my porch was locked and the little royal mail man would probably skittle away as fast as he came!


Do you steam?


So I’ve been steaming for a while now mainly because i see a major difference in my skin when i stick to it! It helps to free any bacteria or trapped dirt and increases blood circulation to give you that radiant glow! There are many arguments for and against steaming but personally it works for me so i thought i would share how i go about it and what the benefits are.


12 months of green beauty nostalgia!


So over the last year since becoming ‘green’ I’ve discovered many products which i love and not to forget, didn’t love!

Going green was so daunting to me that it took me about 2 months to even buy a cleanser (what the hell!) because i became a research freak about every single ingredient. I would find a product and if i wasn’t sure about what was in it i would then spend day & night trying to find out as much as i possibly could! Did anyone else do this? Don’t get me wrong i learnt a lot in that time, but my god my head hurt and by the time i actually bought the cleanser my face had just injured another 2 months of chemical slapping!

The first thing you should change in your going green beauty regime is?